A Better Solution for Creating User Training and Support Resources

Providing training and support resources for users is a critical part of any software company’s business plan.  However, most companies assign the creation and maintenance of these materials to support reps, software developers, or other staff with too many other responsibilities or else hire a freelance technical writer with limited bandwidth and a relatively narrow skill set. 

Sonata Learning Software Success is a better option because we:

  1. Provide a complete team of writers, designers, video editors, and consultants on an as-needed basis
  2. Free up your support and develop staff to focus on their primary responsibilities
  3. Have extensive experience creating these types of materials for a wide range of software products
  4. Produce all materials to the highest standards of quality, worthy of your brand
  5. Take a holistic approach to user success with a focus on increasing usage and proficiency at every stage of the user journey  
  6. Provide strategic guidance on how to invest your support/customer success budget the right/smart way
  7. Apply our adult learning expertise to shorten your users’ time-to-productivity with your software
  8. Can help you select any necessary technology platforms to deliver support, training, and in-app guidance
  9. Work with your customer success and marketing teams to transform users into champions of your software and brand
  10. Develop fully integrated solutions to minimize user churn, convert trial users, and accelerate customer ROI

Who is Sonata Learning Software Success?

Sonata Learning Software Success is a subsidiary of Sonata Learning, a general learning and development, knowledge management, communications, and digital transformation company that serves Fortune 100 corporations, international NGOs, government agencies, and other clients around the world.

We help software companies increase loyalty, retention, and recurring revenue by creating world-class self-service support and training resources that optimize users’ engagement and productivity with your products across the customer lifecycle. We assess the training and support needs of your users and can offer hands-on tech writing, video production, and instructional design services, or we can advise and train your teams to develop highly effective training and support materials in-house.

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